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factory small The mood is set at Rinda and it is all about fun and great candy making. It all began in 1982 with Rinda Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd. Back then, chocolate wafers were the only product but its popularity gave Rinda the boost to continue expanding and developing great confectionery products for candy lovers worldwide.

Today, Rinda Food Industries Sdn.Bhd. has taken over the management of the company’s core competencies in manufacturing various types of hard and soft candy, jelly and pudding...
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Rinda currently produces :-
  • Hard candy with many fruits, coffee, butter, mint, cola, nutmeg, peanut coffee and tamarind flavour. They can either be pillow packed or doubled twisted packed.
  • Square soft candy with almond, coffee and all types of fruits flavour. They are soft and chewy. It can be packed in square paper wrap.
  • Toffee like butter chocolate, butter mint, coffee, coolie mints, cream, and peanuts. Our toffees are very popular and well known for its excellent taste.
  • Jelly cups with all type of fruits flavour.